Charlotte Boyett-Compo, 2006




Life as a Reaper is lonely. Most people quake in fear whenever they hear the word Reaper. They are the bounty hunters sent to dispatch rogues and keep the citizens safe from the Ceannus, the alien creatures determined to enslave all of humankind. The fact that they kill easily while they perform their jobs make people think of them as blood thirsty killers. Rumors abound about Reapers and they have come to expect the fear from the people they encounter.

That is why Prime Reaper Arawn Gehdrin never expected to find a woman that did not fear him to share his life. But Danielle was unlike the others. She only saw that Arawn was a good man that worked to keep people safe. She also saw how lonely he looked when he saw his friends with mates. That is what made Danielle decide that she was going to make Arawn Gehdrin her own.

Prime Reaper is a fascinating and emotionally stirring paranormal romance. A futuristic story unlike any readers will have ever imagined. This highly creative and imaginative story will have readers enthralled from the very beginning.

Readers that have read other books by Charlotte Boyett-Compo will be surprised by the light hearted mood of this story. There was an amazing amount of humor throughout the story that will have readers laughing out loud. Unlike other stories I have read where it seemed the characters are tormented and left without much hope, this story showed a lighter side of the Reapers. But for the readers that enjoy her dark angst filled stories do not worry things do not go easy on the Reapers. There is plenty of excitement and anxious moments when at anytime a character's end may be in sight.

The romance between Danielle and Arawn is delightful. Readers really need to read, Reaper's Revenge to see how they meet and get the full understanding and humor of their story. Danielle is a funny and imaginative character. Readers will be delighted how she chases after her Reaper and by her means of seduction. She is definitely wicked when she wants to be and readers will find her totally enjoyable.

The story of how Prime Reaper Arawn Gehdrin becomes a Reaper is told is this story. His story will break hearts and increase readers' admiration of this character. After reading his history readers will cheer on his romance and wish him his every happiness.

Prime Reaper by Charlotte Boyett-Compo is the third story in the West Wind series. It is recommended that the other two stories in this series be read before reading Prime Reaper. This fast paced exciting story will amaze and surprise readers. I highly recommend this story for the readers' enjoyment and look forward to the next book in this series.




In a world that used to be Earth, all-out war has changed the face of the planet. The Eastern Seaboard is underwater, and the goddess Morrigunia imported her Shadowlords to the planet Terra just before it reached the point of total annihilation of life. As she had earlier removed Her Reapers, the evil alien Ceannus had brought disease and plagues to finish the destruction of life. Across the ocean are the Revenants. Now what was North America is ruled by Shadowlords and patrolled by Reapers, among whom is the newly mated Prime Reaper, Arawn.

When the Reapers are summoned suddenly to the Shadowlord's Citadel, they are astounded and dismayed to learn that in Calizonia, multitudes of the Ceannus rogues are in training to attack the Citadel. In addition, a former Ceannus enemy, Jaborn, had entered the Citadel and announced this information to the Shadowlords; and he also has now been converted to Reaper status. A further astonishing revelation indicates that the Ceannus are holding hostage a group of Reaper children, raised in incubation. With the command of the goddess Morrigunia in all her terrifying power, the Reapers must strike once again against the Ceannus with victory.

Prime Reaper is yet another excellent example of the incredible imagination and vast world-building skills of Charlotte Boyett-Compo. This author wields character, plot, setting, suspense, in tandem with futuristic and fantasy elements, and the result is a story that grasps the reader by the throat and hangs on till the end. Readers will set out on a hunt for further installments in the Western Wind series, and indeed for any novels by Ms. Boyett-Compo.




There are many twists and surprises in this tense, cohesive, character-driven story. Charlotte Boyett-Compo grabs her readers by the throat and doesn't let go until the final page. Each character is well-drawn and believable. Elements of suspense and magic twine to create an intriguing tale of love and all its facets. Now I have to go find the first two in the series. I recommend PRIME REAPER.

Maggie Anderson




WesternWind 3: Prime Reaper is part of a series of books and as such should not be read alone. I would suggest though that you read the other books. There are references to things that have happened in other books that would probably make this a more enjoyable and complete story. I will also say up front that there is a mystery started in this book that is not solved. I just love when that happens (rolls eyes and shakes head). This story is quite the roller coaster of emotion. There are scenes that will have you laughing, others that will have you cheering the group on to victory and others that will have you cringing. Be warned that there are scenes that some will find difficult to read, there is violence and a lot of killing. It is all necessary to the story but it can be disturbing to some. Arawan is the quintessential leader and alpha male. He is strong, compassionate when necessary and ruthless when it is called for. He is also a tireless lover that adores his mate. He would do anything to protect her and make her happy. I found Danielle a little bit of a whiner. She gets over it quickly though and is then much more interesting. She is intelligent and strong willed and that saves her in the beginning. The sex between these two is volcanic and very fervent. They burn so hot I had to turn on the auxiliary fan on the computer. I am looking forward to reading the first two books and the next one when it comes out. I think that Ms. Boyett-Compo has a winning series on her hands and hope that she continues to find mates for all those lonely and virile Reapers.

Oleta M Blaylock



The third book in the WesternWind series, PRIME REAPER by Ms. Boyett-Compo not only meets but exceeds this reviewerís expectations! While PRIME REAPER is fully able to stand on its own, you will want to pick up this futuristic series right from the beginning so as not to miss a single nuance.

Ms. Boyett-Compo has done her usual superb job with the characters. Readers will finally get a chance to really know and understand Arawn. Cold, distant and feared by his men, Arawn is everything that is expected of a Prime. Marrying Danielle does go a long way towards changing him though. Danielle, cheerful and mischievous with a backbone of steel, is more then a match for her mate. She is a very good fit among the ladies of the Reapers as she brings her own special touches to their coalition. The secondary characters are also just as wonderful. The other Reapers and their ladies contribute greatly to the story and readers finally get a chance to learn more about the High Lord.

This reviewer recommends PRIME REAPER to any readers who enjoy paranormal romances about shifters, especially ones about Reapers, and to any readers who enjoy futuristic romances. Get your copy today!




Prime Reaper by Elloraís Cave is a unique twist on both the normal futuristic novel and on vampire lore. Part western, part erotic futuristic, Boyett-Compoís novel is at times funny, frustrating, suspenseful and heart warming, but every page is packed with a clean, solid voice and a tightly written plot. Showing both skill in writing believable characters and steamy sex, this book is a must-read. Prime Reaper is the type you go back to again and again.




4 out of 5

Set in a futuristic western setting, she combines three ingredients, well mixed, to create an explosive book of orgasmic (literally) proportions. Setting, character building and twists on conventions keep the reader on their toes while also creating a story that is both enjoyable and heart-pounding.

Boyett-Compoís Prime Reaper is the third in her most current series and the first where a new set of main protagonists are introduced. While it can be read as a stand-alone, the novel is much better understood in the context of the series. As such, Boyett-Compo has the background of a solidly defined world behind her, and she can focus on the characters with a minimum of world building. One of the things that Boyett-Compo is really good at is allowing her characters to experience true pain and sorrow, and as a result her characters are often scared, hurt or shattered. This is something not enough authors are willing to do to main characters, but it adds strength to the novel and to the reality of the world. This novel also ends by setting the reader up for the next novel in the series, Tears of the Reaper, which promises to be just a good as this one. This one deserves a four out of five.

J.C. Genzie



4 out of 5

Prime Reaper is the third book in Boyett-Compo's WesternWind series. This book continues to expand upon the intricate and complex universe Boyett-Campo has masterfully created. Prime Reaper should not be read alone as the story is complex and might be difficult to follow without reading the books in order. Although Arwan and Danielle were the main characters, other characters are prominently discussed as well. The summary on the back of the book is a little misleading because this book is not about Arwan and Danielle meeting and getting to know one another, but rather about how Danielle, a newlywed, struggles to fully accept her man, the good, the bad, and the ugly. There is also a good deal of time spent developing other characters which really enriches the story. Many passionate love scenes make this a hot read while the subplots and a few twists keep the story engaging. I definitely can't wait to see what happens next. I give Prime Reaper 4 out of 5 stars.

Michelle Wells



Prime Reaper is a fast paced book with lots of sizzling, emotional, and violent scenes. While some parts of this book might be offending to some, every scene was a necessary part of the story. Charlotte Boyett-Compo does not disappoint with this tale of love, war, failure and triumph. From start to end Ms. Boyett-Compo throws twist after twist at the poor Reapers and their wives. While a stand alone book, Elloraís Cave recommends you read the books in order. I have to tell you that Iíve not read any of the Reaper books in order and found Prime Reaper easy to follow and very enjoyable. A few scenes had classic purple prose that made me chuckle, even during love scenes, but even her head hopping was done so well I couldnít help but enjoy this book from start to finish.




WESTERN WIND BOOK 3: PRIME REAPER gives us a totally different look at the life of a Reaper. Charlotte Boyett-Compo gives us an insight as to how they all work together and relax together. In this story, we learn all about Arawn's history and how he became a Reaper. We also watch as marriage changes him and his outlook on life. And this time around, we even get a look into the life of the Rogues through Kasid. What he has gone through under the tender mercies of the Ceannus. Also, in the second book of this series, Morrigunia shows herself as a very compassionate Goddess, doing whatever is needed to save one of her Reapers after Cynyr is bitten by the ghorets. In this story, we see her more as an avenging Goddess, and one who does not want to be questioned on anything she does. Once again Charlotte Boyett-Compo takes us on a wild journey filled with danger and love and doesn't disappoint. The only thing I can say about the WESTERN WIND SERIES, is hurry up with the next one!




Prime Reaper is yet another excellent example of the incredible imagination and vast world-building skills of Charlotte Boyett-Compo. This author wields character, plot, setting, suspense, in tandem with futuristic and fantasy elements, and the result is a story that grasps the reader by the throat and hangs on till the end. Readers will set out on a hunt for further installments in the Western Wind series, and indeed for any novels by Ms. Boyett-Compo.




Prime Reaper is the third story in the Western Wind series. I do recommend reading the prior stories but this all of them can be read as stand alone novels. One of the things I really enjoy is that the author doesnít try to manipulate the reader by using cliffhangers at the end of one novel to compel you to buy the next one. She simply crafts a well-written story with realistic characters and a story line with erotic romance, adventure, suspense, mystery, paranormal elements, and even comedy. Charlotte Boyett-Compo proves that a good reader doesnít need gimmicks or tricks. I was hooked from the first novel in the series.

The Reapers are a band of paranormal soldiers that defend the inhabitants of Terra. They possess superhuman strength, laser whips, and internal worms that heal them of any wounds. Though not sworn to remain single most do Ėthat is until they meet a woman they are incapable of refusing. Danielle is the daughter of the Haines City sheriff, and she has decided that she wants the heart of Prime Reaper Arawn Gehdrin. Arawn and Danielle have a very strong love and the reader will be privy to the erotic love scenes between the two. From start to finish this book is steam filled. However, their intense love fest with be interrupted because the reapers must confront the evil Ceannus that have returned to Terra to wreak havoc. This story will reveal a side of Reapers, Arawn and Owen, that will be heartbreaking. The Reapers will wage a battle that could cost them one of their own while depending on a former enemy turned ally. Two Reapers will be challenged to keep their mates or face a loss from which they may not recover.

Each time I thought that I knew which direction this story was headed the author went a different route. Immediately after resolving one situation another one cropped up that lead to another suspenseful jouney. Along the way the I enjoyed the spicy love scenes between the couples. I could feel the love and affection each felt for their spouse. I was so caught up in the story I forgot that these were not real people. I was afraid that one of the relationships would break up and the Reaper would be hurt forever. All of the characters were well-developed with multiple layers. Each one showed differing sides of their personality and the author even gave some background so that the reader understood the intricacies of their personalities. However, there was a point when I wished that I could get into the book and slap some sense into Lea and Danielle. I thought some of their antics were a little dramatic and unnecessary. But I will admit that some women, much as I hate to admit it, do act like they did in the story.

This is my third book, and I have begun to think of the characters as old friends. I canít wait to start the next book. I know this author isnít the most well known, but the books that she has created are a treasure trove of entertainment for the romance and suspense loversí soul.




The WesternWind Series just gets better and better with every book in the series. I read this book in less than a day and I could not put it down. I canít wait to read the next book in the series. So much happened and there are still so many stories to tell in this series. I wanted more of Arawn and Danni in the last book but I was so glad that I was made to wait. There is so much more than just a romance in the WesternWind books. Although you could read them as a stand alone, I do not recommend it as each story leads to the next and to appreciate each books you should read them in order. There is no real cliffhanger at the end of the story just the need to know what happens in the next. The story is well written and the plot is fantastic.

The other positive in this book is that the story is not just about the main characters but all the characters in the books that you have met before. There are times in this book that you feel so much for all of the characters. There are new twists and turns that keep you turning the pages to see what happens next. Nothing is predictable , and there always seems to be something new and unexpected happen.

This book is sensuous and suspenseful, it was a pleasure to read. I would highly recommend this book and the series. I have not enjoyed a series like this one in a long time.




(5 stars; 4 flames)

As Prime Reaper, Arawn Gehdrin is both feared and loathed until Danielle Brewster sets out to win his heart and capture his soul in this exciting paranormal romance.

Just as Arawn and Danielle start out their newly married life, Reaper business interferes, tragedy strikes and lives are changed and the reader canít help but get drawn into all the excitement that bombards Arawn and Danielleís romance. The attraction between Danielle and Arawan is combustible and the sex scenes are hot and steamy which adds lots of spice to the story but itís not all sunshine and Reapers as there are some issues with this relationship that adds depth. These strong compelling characters continue to demand the readerís attention while they find love and fight the Ceannus and the fast paced and smooth flowing plot keeps readers on the edge of their seat with lots of suspense, action and romance.

Tension and expectation builds as the Lords learn of a new threat Ė evil lies beyond the western mountains, one that the Reapers thought they had destroyed which means they now have a major battle to engage in and if thatís not enough excitement there are some unexpected surprises in store for the Reapers and their ladies. The well written scenes capture the imagination and bring the story to life with vivid images and the well-orchestrated events ensure that thereís never a dull moment and that the readers come back for more.

This fascinating and complex world just keeps getting better and better and thereís so much changing for the Western Wind Reapers that I am sure it going to continue to do so, which of course means that I canít wait to read the next one. Speaking of complex thought, I do recommend reading this series in sequence for better understanding of the Reaper world and its captivating characters.

Eva Millien