ISBN: 978-1891873546

The Dark Romance Anthology: The Abyss (In Print) incorporates eighteen great stories by leading romance authors.

This book will offer you stories you've never heard before and will introduce you to characters you will remember for a life time.

Included in the anthology:

  • Hunger for the Wind by Charlotte Boyett-Compo
    The discovery of a millennia old mummy causes quite a stir amongst the Egyptologists at The Museum of Natural History in Chicago. Catherine Miller has been invited to join the unveiling. What they discover instead is a god of ancient times. While the experts do not believe, Catherine hears the man in her mind. She is compelled to find a way to release her eternal beloved from his imprisonment.

  • Playing Games II: Blackout by Brenna Lyons
  • Love is a Holy Grail by Allie Bates
  • Mind Games by CT Adams
  • When Darkness Falls by Patricia A. Rasey
  • Once in a Blue Moon by Tabitha A. Bradley
  • Tactical Error by Rob Preece
  • Viscount by Morgan Huxley
  • A Walk on the Beach By Tabitha A. Bradley
  • Sierra's Choice by Jordan Alexander
  • The Mat by Terri Pray
  • Dark Angel by Adrianna Dane
  • Sword Sworn by Terri Pray
  • Born of Darkness by Steve Lazarowitz
  • Tough Love by Amy Eastlake
  • In the Seventies by Allie Bates
  • Photo Finish by Steve Lazarowitz
  • Beacon by Morgan Huxley
  • Ebook: Acheron's Gate (Dark Paranormal Romance)
  • Ebook: Ruined! (Dark Historical Romance)
  • Ebook: In the Garden of Dark Delight (Dark Erotic Romance)

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